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No matter what industry you are in, one sure way to tell if a company is for real, and truly committed to excellence is by the company's affiliations with professional organizations. Part-time, bogus companies would not spend their money, or more importantly their time to invest in such organizations. So when selecting a DJ company if they don't belong to one of the accredited organizations you're most likely better off by selecting a company that does!

Affiliations with professional organizations demonstrate a company's commitment to upholding a certain standard of excellence and its interest in continued education. Ryan Rhythm is proud to be affiliated with the organizations mentioned below.

1. N.A.M.E- National Association of Mobile Entertainers

2. SEPA DJ Association ( Southeastern PA)- Secretary
3. Perfect Wedding Guide- See our add in the magazine or visit
8. Event Planning/ Vendor Affiliations
Please contact our office for a complimentary list of our preferred vendors. We can provide you information on everything ranging from limo services to travel agencies. We are also presently compiling a wedding resource guide which will be available free to all current, prospective, and future customers.
9. Photos- COMING SOON!!! &
10. Music Library- COMING SOON!!!

What exactly is surround sound and do you offer this?

True surround sound is a technique used in movie making that attempts to place you in the middle of the action by using our ability to distinguish WHERE sound is coming from. For example if an airplane roars overhead you would hear the sound coming from the back speakers and then the front.

In a typical DJ setup using surround sound is not necessary or recommended because it does not add any benefit to the quality of the sound. As a matter of fact you can imagine the by placing speakers on all four corners of a dance floor you are actually creating a hazard for your guests since they can trip over speaker cables. Imagine the volume.. it will be much louder. The only time we recommend adding additional speakers in other areas of the room would be to help eliminate delay or echo in extremely large rooms (those with 1000+ guests). Beware of DJs “adding” surround sound. It is a gimmick to charge you for a service you really do not need.

Do you have backup equipment?

YES we do. Although we use a professional sound system, one never knows if it will ever fail. Therefore a backup system is ALWAYS on hand just in case.

Do you use records, cassettes, or compact discs?

We strictly use compact discs. These afford the best way to carry a wide selection and provide the highest sound quality. We also interface digital music from laptops during events, but due to the uncertainty of computers we do not rely solely on them to provide music during the entire event.

What type of equipment do you use?

At Ryan Rhythm, we believe that the best results are achieved by utilizing the best professional sound and lighting equipment available. We do not cut corners by purchasing inferior brands or using sound systems designed for home use.

What type of lighting do you use?

This depends on the type of atmosphere you wish to create. We use a variety of lighting effects. These vary from basic lighting that can project multicolored beams to highly sophisticated computerized lighting that can be programmed to achieve a certain look or design

*For a complete listing of our professional equipment please contact our office.
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How much music do you bring to a party?

Our DJs carry over 60 different types of music in each of their libraries and carry the most current music as well as most often requested classics. Our company owns 8 music libraries consisting of over 40,000 songs each (per library). However, given that at a typical 4 hour function we will play approximately 60 songs, there is no need to carry the entire library. However, don’t be mistaken we generally offer up to 25,000 selections at any given event.

Do you mix the music?

YES we do. All our DJs can mix from one song to the next seamlessly (like you hear in the clubs)

Do you take requests from my guests?

Of course we do. However, the requests we do accept must conform to the guidelines you have established and the general rules or courtesy and good taste. In other words, if someone requests music that is inappropriate to play (i.e. a love song that is really a breakup song at a wedding or music with foul language) we will not honor that request. Likewise if a song, artist, or type of music you asked us NOT to play is requested, we will also not honor that request. The DJs use their judgment, but in the vast majority of cases we are able to play requested songs.

Can I give you a list of songs to play?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact it is one of the things we ask you to do. We want to play your favorite songs. However, we will not accept being asked to play exclusively from a list and in a particular order. We use our many years of experience to best determine when to play a particular song or type of music. We will however any songs that you ask us not to play at your event, because, after all it is your event.

Is there any type of music you won't play?

YES. We will not play any type of music or song's which you list in your DO NOT PLAY list even if they are requested by guests. In addition we will not play any songs that are offensive, sing about violence, the use of drugs, rape, etc. or are too sexually explicit. This is a matter of professionalism, decency, and courtesy to you and your guests.
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How can I find out more information about Ryan Rhythm DJ/Entertainment Co. ?

This web site is a great place to start. Our goal is to make this web site as informative as possible and introduce you to some of the services we provide. The best way to really learn more about who we are and what we offer is to call us. We will be happy to speak to you over the phone and even schedule an appointment to meet with you. There is no obligation or cost to speak with us or even to arrange a meeting

How can I get in contact with you or meet with you?

There are many ways of reaching us. The easiest is still by phone, our office phone number (610) 453-7820, or you can also write to us via e-mail.

How long have you been in business?

Ryan Rhythm DJ/Entertainment Company was officially established in 1995. We are now a FULL-TIME and full-service company offering a wide variety of music and entertainment related services.

Are you a real business?

YES we are. We are a PA registered and incorporated business entity. We can conduct business any where in the world. We are also currently in the process of affiliating ourselves with numerous professional organizations that include (Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, The American Disc Jockey Association, National Association of Mobile Entertainers, and a few others). We expect to make our affiliations with these organizations official in approximately 3-4 months (as of 1/1/2004).

Are you a part time or full time?

We are a FULL-time business. We are available to meet or speak with you during the day or in the evening. This is not a hobby for us. It is our livelihood.

Are you insured?

Yes we are. As any true business should, we carry an insurance liability policy that will satisfy the needs of the catering facility you have selected (2 million in general corporate liability insurance). When requested, Proof of insurance can be issued directly from our carrier to the banquet hall.

How do I reserve the date?

The easiest way is to call our office and speak to an Ryan Rhythm sales representative. We can mail you a contract or you can make an appointment to come to our office. Due to the high demand for Ryan Rhythm entertainers, we are unable to reserve dates based on interest alone.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Most of our clients book Ryan Rhythm approximately 6-12 months in advance. Some even 18-24 months prior to their date. However, many times we can accommodate reservations made from a few weeks to several months ahead. Since there is no way of predicting which dates will become totally booked, the only way to know for sure is to call our office. We also have several DJ’s placed on emergency call each and every weekend, this way we can fulfill any last minute emergencies. For last minute emergencies please call our 24 hour emergency number @ (610) 213-0234

How much do you charge?

Many factors go into the final price you will pay for our service, including type of function and package you select. We work closely, with you, to help you select a package that fits your entertainment needs and budget. We will be glad to discuss pricing when you call our office. As always Ryan Rhythm will match or bear any competitors price (assuming all terms offered are equal).

What type of services do you provide?

We are a full service entertainment company, meaning that we can provide you with a variety of entertainment options. Our services include event planning and consulting, Disc Jockeys, Masters of Ceremony (MCs), Bands, Mariachi, Guitar Trios, Lighting, Special Effects, Dancers, and much more. If you are looking for something in particular give us a call. If we don’t provide it, we may be able to refer you to someone that does.

How can we pay for your services?

For your convenience we accept several forms of payments. These include personal or company checks, money orders, Ryan Rhythm Credit Vouchers (inquire for more details), and of course cash.

Can you supply us with references?

YES. We will be glad to give you the names and phone numbers of other clients who have used our services in the past, in addition to the numbers of some of the hundreds of facilities that we have performed at. All of our references have given us permission to give their numbers to people interested in our services and will be more than happy to speak to you. You can also view our customer’s corner (coming soon) sections to see a sample of some of the letters that we have received from past clients.

Does the DJ take any breaks?

NO. We play continuous music from the beginning of the cocktail hour to the end of the reception.

Can I see you live?

YES. We will be glad to invite you to our next showcase or to a public event, or to see us during one of our weekly appearances (Weekly Appearances). We highly respect the private events (weddings, Sweet 16s) of our clients and want to give them 100% attention, after all that’s what they expect. Therefore we do not invite you to see us at someone else’s wedding or private event.. We will not turn their event into a showcase. Public events allow you to hear the music, see the sound and/or lighting and even talk to us. At a public event we have more flexibility to spend more time with you.

Are you familiar with the catering facility I have chosen?

Ryan Rhythm performs in hundreds of different catering facilities each year. Therefore chances are we are familiar with the layout and have worked with the staff of the location you have chosen. However, keep in mind that even when we have not been to the facility you have chosen, we will work closely with the matre'd to insure your the success of your affair.

What if the DJ gets sick or has an accident?

We have developed an 24 hour on-call Service that allows us to provide an entertainer should the one originally assigned to you becomes unavailable.

How early do you arrive at the venue?

Our entertainers typically arrive 1-2 hours prior to the start of the event. We give ourselves enough time to perform sound and lighting checks prior to the beginning of your affair. We will however provide you with an exact estimate of our time of arrival at least one month prior to your event.

How will you dress for my affair?

For formal affairs like weddings, Sweet 16s, family functions, and corporate events we will wear business attire (suits, dress shirts, dress pants, etc.). For other affairs we will dress according to the style of the event.

How loud will you play the music?

We want all your guests to enjoy your affair. Therefore, we set the volume at a level that allows those guests who are dancing to feel the energy of the music, yet those who are sitting can comfortably enjoy a conversation without screaming at the top of their lungs. After all we are not there to recreate the city’s largest club!

How interactive are you?

The level of interactivity is up to you. If you do not want any interactive dances, that is fine with us. However, we have found that 2-3 interactive dances can work well at most functions. Ryan Rhythm’s MCs are not the type of MCs that are on the microphone every five minutes making comments or trying to encourage guests to dance… we let the music do that.

What type of dances do you lead?

We can lead all the popular line dances, such as the electric slide, cha cha slide or conga line. We also teach dances we have developed ourselves that are very effective at involving all your guests and increasing the energy of the party.

How many hours do you play music for?

Its up to you. Most of our packages include a minimum 3-4 hours of music. You can add more hours if you wish for a nominal overtime fee.

Why should I Choose Ryan Rhythm for my next event?

Quite simply, because here at Ryan Rhythm, "Customers Concerns Come First." We don't stop until each and every one of our customers are 110% satisfied with the service provided to them by Ryan Rhythm. We genuinely care about each and every one of our customers, and are committed to going the extra mile to ensure an enjoyable and memorable event is had by each and every customer whom we are fortunate enough to serve.
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Here are some of the over 1000 venuesRyan Rhythm has performed at. Upon request, Ryan Rhythm will gladly provide with an extensive listing of all of the facilities that we have performed in over the last couple of years.

Adam's Mark Hotel
Airport Marriot Hotel
Alberto's Restaurant
Ale E Gators Restaurant (Edgemont)
Aaronomick Country Club
Bellevue Park Hyatt
Charlotte's Restaurant
Community Lodge Hall (Broomall)
Desmond Hotel
Drexelbrook Catering
Drexel University
Egg Harbor Yacht Club (NJ)
Evivia Banquet Facilities
Frank Pica's Restaurant
Gables Restaurant (Chadds Ford)
GSB Building (City Line Ave)
Hennesy's Tavern
Iceline Skating Facility
Irish Pub (20th & Walnut)
Jimmy Duffy's Catering (Berwyn Location)
Knowlton Swim Club
Knowlton Mansion
Llanarch Country Club
Maloney's Pub
Malvern Prep
Marple Newtown High School
Media Fire Hall
Mont Clair County Club (VA)
Montgomery School
Newtown Square Fire Hall
Notre Dame Academy
Novacare Healthcare Complex
Overbrook Country Club
Paxon Hollow Country Club
Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia Eagles
Philopatrian Hall (Philadelphia)
Pine Hills Country Club
Pen Ryn Mansion
Radnor Country Club
Rose Tree Park
Springfield Country Club
Sheraton (DE)
Sheraton Hotel (Philadelphia)
St. Anastia School
St. Lukes Facility (Broomall)
St. Joseph's Prep
St. Mary Magadalen School
St. Monica's Schhol
St. Norbert's School
St. Pius School
Walden School
Waynesborough Country Club
Whitemarsh Country Club
VFW Hall-Havertown Post
VFWHall-Manoa Post
Villanova University
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