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Gameshow Mania is a unique concept that's guaranteed to be successful with all crowds young or old. Gameshow Mania will work well in any environment; take a look below at just a few of them.

  • Schools Assemblies- Use it as a fun and creative twist to education.
  • Bars & Clubs- Guaranteed to your patrons active and drinking!
  • Parties- Add an extra special touch to your next birthday party.
  • Corporate Events- Works as a great ice breaker!
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs- Keep those kids amused during cocktail hour!
  • Hospitals- Keep your patients upbeat and enjoying themselves!
  • Retirement Communities- Looking for a great idea for the next social?
  • Summer Camp- Keep your kids occupied and the counselors laughing!
  • Pools- Your members will have a blast!
  • Trade Shows- A guaranteed way to peak everyone’s interest.
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Not as expensive as you would think, prices starting @ only $200.00
Bundle discounts are available for multiple shows
We offer discounts to charities and tradeshows
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Gameshow host along with an assistant
5 Shows (4 contestants are selected per show)
Gameshow booths & a PA sound system
Music in between games will be played through the system
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As always we suggest you book ASAP as demand is high
The quicker we receive notice the better your turnout will be as Ryan Rhythm will help you promote your event free of charge visa via flyers and postcards
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1 - How are contestants selected?

Your Ryan Rhythm host will randomly select contestants unless they have been pre-selected (Ex. a birthday party)

2 - What exactly is Gameshow Mania?

Gameshow Mania is based off of jeopardy and is run exactly such. However, unlike jeopardy the crowd can be involved in Gameshow Mania.

 3 - Does it work in large settings?

Absolutely, actually Gameshow Mania actually works better with larger crowds than it does smaller crowds. But, no matter the size everyone will enjoy themselves thoroughly.

 4 - What questions will be asked to the contestants?

Ryan Rhythm will pre-select the questions based on the expected audience ( Ex. School students will be asked easier questions that would adults) or you may even choose the questions yourself. Whatever is easier for you.

 5 - What makes Gameshow Mania suitable for crowds of all ages?

Quite frankly, Gameshow Mania is a unique form of entertainment, and a form of entertainment that will get everyone involved even the shy guests because they’ll feel more comfortable participating in a crowd. Since the questions range from history and sports to movies and fashion, everyone’s areas of interest are covered. We have found that Gameshow Mania proves to be a hit with crowds of all ages primarily due to the level of activity it requires from the crowd, and active people generally always tend to be people who are enjoying themselves.
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 We will gladly provide you with a list of references who have enjoyed Gameshow Mania. You can also check us out at one of our weekly Gameshow Mania locations. You’ll find one thing in common with everyone who has participated in Gameshow Mania, they all tremendously enjoy themselves.

“The kids loved it, and it was great from our end because it helped them prepare for the upcoming efficiency tests.”

~Middle School principal

 “Some of our teachers remarked that they’ve never seen some of their students study as hard as they did when they knew that you were coming back for Gameshow Mania again.”

~Elementary school principal

 “Everyone had a blast, our employees really took a lot away from it.”

~Radio Shack Employee Training Seminar
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